Personal Career Guidance For You



Are you:


Uncertain about where you want your career to go?


Overwhelmed or underwhelmed by your career options?


Confused about where or how to access relevant career information?


Lacking confidence or momentum to plan and take next steps?

Whether you are starting out, seeking a new job or career change, facing redundancy, or returning to work after a break, personal career guidance can help you to move forward.

Working with a career guidance professional can help you to get clear on…


Who you are (skills, qualities, strengths, interests, preferred learning style, decision-making style)


What is important to you (interests, motivations, values)


What you want (aspirations, goals)


What is possible (opportunities, factors impacting career choice)

I can offer a one-off — 50 minute — personal guidance meeting or a more structured 8-week career coaching programme, depending on your needs.

I can also help you to…

Unlock, explore, and review your career ideas


Identify career goals that align with your skills, qualities, interests, and values


Discuss any limiting assumptions that may be impacting your career choices

Evaluate any skills gaps and make realistic plans to deal with them

Identify and address any career information needs with accurate and relevant labour market information (LMI)

Make confident, well-informed, and realistic career decisions

I can offer a one-off — 50 minute — personal guidance meeting or a more structured 8-week career coaching programme, depending on your needs.

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Additional Notes


  1. Once I have received your booking, I will email you so we can arrange your guidance session.
  2. I will send you a second short video with some brief exercises for you to do before we meet. Please watch it on a screen other than your phone as I have added some QR codes for you to access some activities.
  3. Send me your thoughts after watching the video or you can share them in our session if you prefer.
  4. Get ready to work together on Zoom by following these tips.


• Check you have a secure set up (secure internet connection, password-protected Wi-Fi, antivirus and security software, strong passwords, etc.)
• Consider your location and background – who else can see and overhear you? Is your location and background appropriate?
• Use a headset rather than a speaker to avoid being overheard
• Familiarise yourself with application features, privacy, and security settings
• Conduct regular application updates to ensure you are using latest versions
• Familiarise yourself with Zoom’s features, security and privacy settings before the meeting

Let’s talk!

Call me on 07840 918980 or email me at to book a free 15-minute intro session, where we can talk through where you are, where you’d like to be, and what support might work best for you.


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